Fighting with the fists for sport and spectacle has been practiced since sports began. The word “boxing” was first used in England in the 18th century to distinguish between fighting to settle disputes and fight under agreed upon rules for sport. It is now used to describe a sport in which 2 contestants (boxers) wearing padded gloves face each other in a “ring” and fight an agreed upon number of “rounds” under recognized rules.


Advanced Boxing

(Recommended for students with 6 months or more experience)

Advanced Boxing emphasizes defensive tactics and ring strategy with more advanced training drills and combinations. This class concentrates on combat offense and countering tactics. Advanced Boxing utilizes heavy pad training, partner pairing drills, heavy bag work and fighting conditioning drills.

Boxing for Beginners

Beginning Boxing is for everyone from beginners to experienced people looking to build the basic fundamentals of western boxing. This fun, fast tempo class focuses on building a solid foundation emphasizing stances, movement and explosive offensive power techniques. With heavy emphasis on conditioning with medicine balls and conditioning drills used to train world-class fighters, the purpose of this is to get you in the best shape of your life! Our aim is to condition your body like a fighter’s body, while building the foundation and skills to take your ability to the next level!