You may have noticed a handsome new face around Ultimate Fitness. Duane “Bang” Ludwig joined Team Alpha Male as Head Striking Coach earlier this year. Duane comes to the team from Colorado and an illustrious career as a Pro MMA fighter most recently with the UFC. Don’t let Duane’s nice face fool you. As most of the guys on Team Alpha Male, he is as deadly as he is good looking. Check out his highlights on YouTube if you want to see what we’re talking about.

Bang has brought next level striking techniques to Team Alpha Male. He most recently told TJ Dillishaw to watch for a 2nd round face kick in his last fight. Not so coincidentally, Dillishaw knocked out his opponent with, what else, but a 2nd round kick to the face! Extra Sensory Perception or is it all the time Bang spends studying tape? Team Alpha Male will no doubt continue to benefit from Bang’s incredible training, teaching skills and insight and now Ultimate Fitness members will benefit too.

Beginning April 1st UF will be incorporating Duane Bang’s patented Muay Thai system into several of our KB classes. This means some great new combos and a promotion system for Kickboxing students which UF has not had in the past. We are very excited to bring this new and improved system to our Kickboxing program. Watch for Bang Muay Thai classes to be added to the schedule ¬†over the weekend and enjoy Bang Muay Thai Systems at Ultimate Fitness!

P.S.  Bang jerseys will also be here and available for purchase on Monday!


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