Don’t discount old school exercises like Jane Fonda moves to tone and trim trouble areas…like the bootie! A group of us have taken to banging out 300 Jane Fonda moves after class to help lift and shape our butts even more. Here’s what we’ve been doing.

First we do 100 on each side of good old-fashioned Butt Lifts. Get on your hands and knees, bend your leg at the knee and lift it 90 degrees. Hold that position and pulse up 100 times each leg. If you have to split it up, do 25 to 50 each side and then switch back and forth until you get to 100 each leg. It will burn…but keep going.

Jane Fonda Butt Lift

Next we do 100 on each leg of the Hydrant move. It is self explanatory but here’s a picture just for fun. Be sure to get your knees up nice and high!

The last set we do is the toughest. You may want to start with these to get them out of the way. I could not find any photos of this one so bear with me as I try to describe it. If you want a demonstration, I’d be happy to show you next time I’m in the gym. It’s the same starting position, hands and knees. Bring your knee to your chest and thrust it straight out behind you. Then, with a straight leg and a flexed foot bring that leg out to the side of your body, parallel with your body then back to the starting position.

Do these a few times a week and watch your butt climb right up to where it belongs. Remember, toning exercises build muscle and a more muscular body burns more calories. Happy bootie toning!

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