Hi loyal readers! We’re adding a new blog series called “Monday Morsel.” These posts will consist of fun little morsels of information that we want to share with our members and readers. Enjoy!

Today’s morsel is about feet! If you’re like most of us, your feet take a real beating with MMA training. While I personally wouldn’t trade it for any other kind of workout, I do hate what it does to my feet. I get pedicures at least once a month and recently my sister treated me to a pedicure at a place we hadn’t tried before, Pedicure Lounge. From the initial phone call to make our appointment until we walked out with our fabulous feet and hands, was a delightful experience. The building is beautiful with easy parking and a plant-filled corridor leading to the lovely salon. Once inside, it is nothing but peaceful music, gorgeous scents and great technicians. The pedicure chairs are fabulous and the pedicure and manicure were top-notch at a very fair price. We loved our spa experience and now plan to meet there once a month to fix our feet.

Coincidentally, the owner of Pedicure Lounge is Lisa Guevara, Joe Guevara’s niece-in-law! Our connection was super fun to figure out but I would have adored the experience even without the MMA connection.  Next time you’re looking for help with your jacked up, MMA feet, go see Lisa or Emily at Pedicure Lounge. They are conveniently located at 2416 18th Street, Suite G, 95818. You can call to make an appointment at 916.444.2590.

Happy feet!

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