Fisher and Faber

We often get asked the story of how Ultimate Fitness came to be, how Urijah Faber and Dr. Fisher came to be partners. It’s one of our favorite stories and we thought we’d share it on the blog.

Like so many people, Dr. Fisher has been a fan of MMA since before it was sanctioned. He had heard of Urijah Faber of course as he has always been a standout and they are from the same small town of Lincoln, California. Matt had been following Faber’s career and one day his real estate agent and friend, Dana Gordon, told him that she had sold Urijah a house. Matt wrestled in high school and loved the rigorous workouts. He wanted to meet Urijah and hopefully train with him so he asked Dana to give Urijah his number.

The two spoke and agreed to meet up to discuss training. They met at Dr. Fisher’s office in Midtown and hit it off like they’d known each other for years. They quickly realized while their paths had never crossed due to a 10-year age difference, they knew a lot of the same people from Lincoln.

During this first meeting, Matt casually asked if Urijah had ever considered opening an MMA gym and Urijah stated that he had been thinking about just that and was looking for the right partner. Within three days of this initial meeting, Matt and Urijah started looking at properties to build Sacramento’s premier Mixed Martial Arts facility. 1705 I Street was one of the first places they viewed and the rest is, as they say, history. After many months of 10 to 12 hour days, headaches, heartaches, bureaucratic red tape, tons of help from friends and family and a lot of physical labor, Ultimate Fitness was born. The partnership is a great match and they work amazingly well together. They have the same solid values and work ethic and it shows in the incredible product they have produced together.

We’re so glad you two met and started Ultimate Fitness!

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