First we want to thank all of you who filled out our survey. We appreciate the feedback! We have implemented some of the changes requested by you, our valued members.

The following schedule changes will go into effect on Monday, July 9th. Please view our schedule here on the website or grab one off the counter next time you are in the gym. Please note in order to add classes some had to be removed. We took all your input and put the most popular classes on the schedule. We have added one KB class to Saturday at 12:30. If it goes well, we will add another class at 1:30 and extend Saturday hours. TRX/Conditioning Boot Camp is available to all Standup, BJJ and Full members (it’s considered Conditioning with TRX elements so you don’t need a TRX membership to take it).

Monday — 5:10 pm — Conditioning/TRX Boot Camp with Ryan
Wednesday — 7:10 pm — Conditioning with Ryan
Thursday — 5:10 pm — Conditioning/TRX Boot Camp with Rosanna
Saturday — 12:30 pm — Kickboxing with Angelo/Joseph/Victor

Monday — 4:15 pm — TRX (replaced with 5:10)
Monday — 5:10 pm — Boxing
Thursday — 5:10 pm — Kids’ Class (kids can take 4:15 Conditioning with Kito on Thursdays instead)
Friday — 8:15 am — TRX (little attendance in this class, there’s another on Fridays at 1:15 pm)

Thanks again to all of you who gave your input!


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