We have some happy and, at the same time, sad news.  After 6 years of being a steadfast staple on the Ultimate Fitness schedule, Jeromy Freitag has decided to focus on his fight career full-time. We are so happy for Jeromy that he is following his true passion and even happier that he will be doing a lot of his training at Ultimate Fitness. But we are a little blue that he will no longer be teaching at UF. Jeromy has been an absolute rock and a part of our success for many years. We are so thankful for all his years of faithful, hard work and he will be sorely missed. Please join us in wishing Jeromy the best of luck in his continuing fight career. We will keep everyone posted on his upcoming bouts and see you all in his cheering section. It truly is the end of an era! Best of Luck, Jeromy!!!

Jeromy Freitag is leaving UF to focus on his fight career full time.


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