Dave Rowan

Dave Rowan has been with Ultimate Fitness since 2006, during construction. Dave met Urijah back in 1998 while coaching college wrestling. Their paths crossed again in 2006 while Urijah and Matt were working on opening the facility. Dave helped construct the inside of the gym and was intrical in getting it opened in a timely manner.

After the gym opened, Dave began training with Urijah and Joseph and started his fight career at age 41. He was an absolute beast and had 4 exciting fights which he won in dynamic fashion. Unfortunately his career ended in 2008 when he blew out his knee. Along with a stellar record in the cage, Dave has a great wrestling record as well. While at Chico State, he was a 2 time All American.

Dave started working full time for Ultimate Fitness in a management role in early 2009. He is our Operations Manager and is responsible for keeping all aspects of the gym running smoothly. He does everything from compiling our EFT drafts to scheduling classes. Dave also helps organize and recruit for Team Alpha Male.

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