Hello readers! Today we’re starting Weight Loss Wednesdays. This weekly post will feature all types of weight loss tips from the pros, experts and members who have experienced success with weight loss. It’s the number one goal of many people who train so we thought we would utilize our access to the numerous individuals who can speak on the subject. The trainers and fighters in our gym every day are some of the most elite athletes on the planet so why not pick their brains for weight loss tips?!

Today we asked several of the pros what is their main weight maintenance aid when they are not cutting weight but just trying to stay lean between fights…

We spoke to Justin Buchholz, Joseph Benavidez, TJ Dillishaw and Mario Soto. We asked them all the same question, got the conversation started and it seemed to be unanimous. The one thing they are all mindful of to stay reasonably lean is they cut carbs especially at night. They all mentioned eating bigger meals earlier in the day and making dinner their smallest meal of the day and eat no carbs at dinner. Also, they all drink tons of water and nothing else…no sodas, no gatorade, no alcoholic beverages, water only!

That’s your weight loss tip for this Wednesday. As TJ put it, “eat like a king in the morning and a peasant at night!” Stay tuned for the next Weight Loss Wednesday tip.

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