DJ Roberson

DJ “The Black Mamba” Roberson got involved in MMA at the beginning of 2008 when an old football teammate dragged him into what he saw as a lions’ den more than a training facility. After just a few rounds in the cage, his passion for MMA was born and he hasn’t looked back since. His current record is 4-4-1.

DJ joined Team Alpha Male back in 2010. While he’s been a fixture at UF for years, we are excited to have recently added DJ to our impressive list of instructors. DJ believes that mastering technique and utilizing ones physical attributes are keys to achieving greatness. As an instructor he is very hands on and motivating. DJ especially loves to teach boxing as it takes hard work, dedication and patience to master its rhythm and to him there is no greater joy than seeing his students progress. He takes his teaching role very seriously and the positive effects it has on others very much to heart.

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